A Guide to the Best Vacuum Cleaner Design for Your Home

Today, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners in the market. Each of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. These types include the direct air, the bypass and the tandem air design.

The direct air vacuum cleaner was the first upright vacuum cleaner. These have motors that were positioned as closely to the floor as possible so that the dirt and debris had less distance to travel to the bag. They have a large bladed fan motor that pushes the air through the vacuum into the bag. Visit  www.bissellcommercial.com

There is better air flow and higher suctions with this type of vacuum cleaners since they have a large surface areas of the bag system. This is great for carpet cleaning for your home. Most models of this type were made primarily for carpets but not for bare floors. However, you can find some models that can be used for both carpets and bare floors.

The most common and widely sold vacuums today are the bypass upright vacuums. This design is more complicated but offered less in carpet cleaning ability. In this design , the motor is place behind a hose and filter system. A lot of people wanted this hose feature but it cannot tackle cleaning carpets, floors and above the floor cleaning all in one. The best bypass upright vacuum is one with a powerful suction motor. This has the ability to clean both carper and bare floor.

The tanned air design puts both a direct air vacuum motor and a bypass vacuum motor in one vacuum. It is good for all around cleaning and enhances the performance for carpet deep cleaning and incorporates bare floor and above the floor tool cleaning.  check it out!

When choosing a vacuum to buy, you need to find one that fits the needs of your home. You can get a bypass vacuum that cleans well or a direct air that cleans well or you can get a tandem as well. You have to know where to go and find these vacuums and see the differences. IF there is a locally owned vacuum shop near you, then they will have the knowledge to help you find exactly what you are looking for so you can make the best vacuum choice for your requirements.

If you can't find this locally owned vacuum shop, you can do an online search for the vacuum stores near you.

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